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Wakefield Quebec – Historical Sites


One of the first villages to be established along the Gatineau River, Wakefield was founded in 1830 by mostly Irish immigrants and with the help of a few British and Scottish settlers. While nestled in Quebec, to this day Wakefield is a bilingual town, welcoming tourists in both french and english. Because of it’s proximity to the river, the local lumber industry flourished and Wakefield grew into the beautiful village it is today – one whose charm blends its connection to history with a modern bohemian feel.

Today, Wakefield is best known for it’s eclectic and lively arts scene. It’s home to many different types of artists seeking inspiration and refuge in Wakefield’s picturesque community. Explore the many galleries and lively festivals that make Wakefield so unique, or take a step back in time by visiting one of its many historical sites. No matter how long your stay, Wakefield offers a warm welcome of local pubs, galleries, farmers’ markets, and boutiques – all steeped in rich history and with a touch of modern charm.

Come and enjoy a casual stroll around some of Wakefield’s timeless historical sites!

Fairbairn House & Hendrick Park Trail

The Fairbairn House Heritage Centre is one of oldest dwellings in the village. Originally built by Scottish Settler William Fairbairn in 1838, it now serves as a charming local heritage centre.

Hendrick Park has two nature trails starting from the Fairbairn House parking lot area. The first is a short walk along a local creek and the second is a longer trail along the Gatineau River. Come and enjoy a leisurely walk along the water.

Covered Pedestrian Bridge

Built in 1915, the covered pedestrian bridge was the first bridge built to connect the two shores of the Gatineau River. Destroyed by a fire in 1984, it was later carefully rebuilt by the community in 1998. To maintain its heritage, the community restored the bridge incorporating parts of the original structure.

MacLaren Cemetery

A small peaceful cemetery in the hills bordering the Gatineau River, MacLaren Cemetery is the final resting place for the area’s original Scottish settlers and for Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson.

Wakefield Mill

Built in 1838, the Mill is surrounded by beautiful scenery and the rushing waters of MacLaren Falls. It is now the home of the Wakefield Mill, a well known restaurant and hotel.