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About the Gatineau Parks & Gatineau Park Trails


History & geography of the Gatineau Parks & Gatineau Hills

The 361 sq km wedge starts north and west of Gatineau, and includes the municipalities of La Pêche (and Wakefield), Pontiac, and Chelsea. The main entrance to the sprawling Gatineau Hills is 4 km’s north of Ottawa, in Gatineau. It remains the only federal park that is not a national park, and was officially created in 1938. Today the National Capital Commission manages the park, and the government of Canada still maintains a meeting centre at Meech Lake (Wilson House).

The iconic park is reputed for the vast amount of recreational activities taking place inside it, and the celebrated Trans-Canada trail passes right through the Gatineau Parks. Wakefield (which we call home) is directly on the path of the Trans-Canada trail. The vast network of 165 km’s of trails  (inside the park) contains routes for hikers of all skill levels. To get a sense of Gatineau and Wakefield’s placement with regards to the Trans-Canada trail, we enjoy using the Great Trail website and app that allows users to plot exciting journey’s from coast to coast. Enjoy it, it’s free!

King mountain is the highest peak in the park at 1,132 ft. The 3 beaches located inside the park are at Lac Philippe (our favorite), La Pêche lake, and Meech lake (which has a no camping policy). The village of Wakefield is just minutes from these lovely beeches, and offers a unique blend of quaint historic tourism and joie de vivre.

The Gatineau Park Trails Map

Summer and Winter trail maps

The NCC maintains a beautifully details trails map to help you discover Gatineau Park and plan your journey. Please enjoy the summer trail map download here. We also host a local copy of the trail map here  in case the NCC site has problems.

There is also an NCC Gatineau Park Winter trail map for your enjoyment. You can also download the winter trail map here in case there are issues with the NCC site. Both maps do feature a topographical portion you can zoom in on.

Sites inside the Gatineau Hills (part 1, under construction)

There are numerous breathtaking scenic lookouts in the Gatineau Park, including Champlain Lookout, Huron Lookout, Etienne Brûlé Lookout, and perhaps our favorite at Pink Lake Lookout. For more on these amazing views in the Gatineau Hills, you can use the NCC’s site here.

They contain numerous beaches, ski resorts, hiking tails, picnic areas, campgrounds, and quaint villages. There is also a host of amazing things to do in Wakefield and the Gatineau Park.

The Mackenzie King Estate is a 231 hectare country estate that belonged to prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. It’s now the site of numerous organized activities for visitors of all ages.