All our packages are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Please note the Nordik is still open. Please contact them directly for any inquiries.

Located at the entrance of the Gatineau Park, the world famous Nordik Spa Chelsea  (commonly referred to as Nordik Spa Ottawa despite it being located in Chelsea, Quebec) features relaxation techniques made famous in Europe. A short 15 minute drive from Belle de Nuit Wakefield Inn , it is one of the most iconic destinations in the capital region. We invite you to take the time to unwind and reenergize in their Nordic baths and waterfalls, steam bath, Finnish sauna, and relaxation areas year ’round. Below our packages table you’ll find some amazing tips to make the most of your visit there.

Belle de Nuit is excited to offer 3 unique packages to add-on to any stay. Our first package, the Nordik Experience, has a version with bathrobe rentals, and without. If you don’t want to pack bathrobes for your trip, we highly recommend renting them. In the winter you’ll be happy to have a large plush bathrobe to keep you warm between the pools. And in the summer they help with the beating sun. Our third package is the Nordik Escape which includes their incredible Källa salt treatment, thermal access and bathrobe rental. Enjoy the view from the infinity pool that overlooks the whole region, it’s part of their newest section that features a full bar. We also highly recommend Nordik Spa Chelsea for a romantic escape near Ottawa.

These Nordik Spa Chelsea add-ons are per guest, and do not include the price of your stay at Belle de Nuit. Taxes are extra. Nordik Spa recommends you bring your own bathing suit, sandals, and re-useable water bottle. Below this table we also offer some more advice to make your visit even more enjoyable. Enjoy!

Electronic certificate will be available at Nordik’s spa reception

If you’ve never been to Nordik, here are a few little tips that can make your visit even better:

Don’t worry about bringing a wallet into the pool areas. Nordik offers a convenient RFID bracelet you associate to your credit card. The bracelet is also the lock for your locker. We recommend taking a picture of your bracelet when you check in, because your locker number might rub off (they draw it on with marker).

We recommend bringing a bathing suit, a good book, a bottle of water, flip flops, and  sunscreen in season. You can buy flip flops and water there as needed.

The Källa salt treatment is an incredible experience worth trying at least once. It’s essentially a dimly lit secluded salt pool, filled with 10 tons of Epson salt!  You’ll experience weightlessness as if you were in the Dead Sea. You’re likely to even fall asleep as you float. Space is limited to just 20 guests at a time, so we recommend trying it off-peak hours.

The evenings after 4pm tend to be the quietest. It’s a lovely time of day to go, you’ll even get some privacy in a lot of areas. That can be harder to come by at mid day on a weekend. If you prefer getting some sun, we recommend arriving early in the morning.

This is Nordik’s layout map. In the building marked “Nordik” you’ll find a station to get fresh towels. All you have to do is ask! This is particularly useful in the winter as your towel gets wet. In the Relaxa 1 building you’ll find hot tea, it’s lovely. Remember to drink lots of water throughout the day. You’ll be sweating most of it away!

If you’re a fan of really hot therapy, the Finlandia building is where Nordik Spa Ottawa offers their Aufguss Ritual. It’s an incredible experience, but it’s not for the faint of heart when it comes to heat. We recommend grabbing a plastic cup from the Relaxa building, and filling it with ice (you’ll find it outside the Aufguss room). That ice is going to come in handy when the heat rises!

There’s a super secret little pool, Onsën, on the map. It’s generally always empty. Enjoy!

Banyä is another lovely, often quiet space. Head upstairs, and you can use a yoga mat or foam roller, or bask on the sun deck. There’s flavoured water hiding in there too.

Nordik Spa staff take their volume levels very seriously since many guests are there to relax. If you’d like to talk, the best area for you is Panorama. Kaskad is for total silence, and Borëa you may whisper.

Nordik Spa